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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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The Heartbreak Kid

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Sandra Dee Robinson


Sophie is a pharmaceutical sales rep whom Oliver befriended in order to sleep with her.


Sophie had turned down multiple doctors at the hospital, so Oliver took a different route, befriending her as an in in order to get her to sleep with him. They went to the hospital's fundraiser together, where Oliver spent a ridiculous amount of money to win an apple-picking trip. When he realized that it still wouldn't get her to sleep with him, he gave the trip to his father and Crystal and broke things off with Sophie.



Sophie had turned down most of the doctors at the hospital.

Bad BoyEdit

Sophie left a message on Oliver's machine saying she had met a guy she really liked, but was afraid he might have a girlfriend.


Sophie was briefly friends with Oliver Barnes, though it was a ploy by him in order to get her to sleep with him.

Career Edit

Sophie is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Her route services St. Ambrose Hospital, which is where she met Oliver Barnes.