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Save-the-Planet Janet

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Ben Barnes (ex-husband)

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The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

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Constance Zimmer


Naomi is the ex-wife of Ben Barnes.



At her wedding to Ben, Naomi made everyone watch a video about cows in a slaughterhouse. ("Pilot")

Thanksgiving 2004Edit

In 2004, Naomi said one of the floats in the Thanksgiving Day Parade was insensitive to Native Americans, so she holed herself up in the bedroom and tried to pop the balloon with fire crackers as it passed. ("Thanks")

Ben's BirthdayEdit

Naomi was out of town for Ben's birthday. Her excuse was that she was chained to a redwood in Northern Oregon. She left a message on his answering machine, saying she was leaving him. ("Pilot")

Ben Trying to ReconcileEdit

Three days after she left him, Ben decided to try to win back Naomi. He called her several times, saying he'd come to Oregon and climb up the tree if that's what it took. She called him and said she hadn't been in Oregon like she'd said. He later went back to his apartment and found that she had cleared out all the furniture, leaving him with almost nothing. ("We Wanna Hold Your Hand")

Naomi's ReturnEdit

Naomi returned after leaving Ben when she needed a place to stay. She convinced him to let her stay, but she couldn't tell his family that she was there. She started talking about reconciling with Ben, and he started to think it was a good idea, but when she got a call that someone was building on a wetland in Florida, she started talking about going down there to protest. She offered to postpone her reconciliation trip with Ben, but he realized she'd never put him first and packed her bags for her, saying they were over. ("The Lady Doth Protest Too Much")



She was married to Ben. While she and Ben were married, she kept him on a strictly vegan diet and had him use herbal remedies. She also didn't allow him to indulge in his nerdier interests, such as comic books and certain movies.


She has two friends named Kathy and Dan. She couldn't stay with them because they just rescued some monkeys that were staying at their apartment. ("The Lady Doth Protest Too Much")