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The Holy Gail

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We Wanna Hold Your Hand

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Jenna Gering


Gail Henson is a model Oliver briefly went out with.


Gail came into the diner one day and Oliver, Stewart, and Regina all admired her. Oliver approached her and said that she's been the model for several of her patients. Unfortunately, she wasn't available to go out with Oliver. However, she called him later when she had an opening in her schedule. Oliver tried to shirk his responsibility with Ben in order to go out with her, but Lydia stopped him and said Ben could join them for lunch. Gail ended up leaving and saying she'd call him after her shoot if she got out early. She called him later that evening, but detoured their date when Ben was thinking about trying to get back with Naomi in order to convince him not to. She left when she overheard him talking to Ben about how he treats women.



Gail met Oliver in the diner. Because of her busy schedule, she only had a brief window to go out with him, but she found the time. They went on their date, but it was interrupted when Oliver had a family emergency. Gail ended up leaving when she overheard Oliver talking about how he treats women.

Career Edit

Gail is a model. Oliver refers to her as The Holy Gail.