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Claudia Penchant is a famous actress whom Oliver did extensive plastic surgery on.


Plastic SurgeryEdit

Claudia came to Oliver to have some plastic surgery done. Before he operated, he had to sign an iron-clad confidentiality agreement.

Lawsuit Against OliverEdit

When Claudia started to go on talk shows claiming that her new look was due to diet, exercise, and her special technique. This upset Oliver, who vented to his family about it. Later, Lydia accidentally revealed to a reporter (thinking it was Claudia) that Claudia had had plastic surgery. As a result, Claudia sued Oliver. After attending a mediation meeting at Oliver's fancy new apartment, she agreed to settle out of court. As a condition of the settlement, she had to give her his new apartment.



Claudia had extensive plastic surgery done by Oliver Barnes.

Career Edit

Claudia is a famous actress.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She wrote a book called The Fabulous Me, which she claims can give anyone the results she got.
  • She has a line of herbs and vitamins.
  • She was involved in a hit and run.
  • She was in a movie in which she was eaten by a shark and then thrown up.