Barb McGee
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Ed McGee (husband)

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St. Ambrose Hospital

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And I'll Cry If I Want To

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Valerie Mahaffey


Barb McGee is one of Lydia's co-workers who is a big gossip.


Ankle InjuryEdit

Barb broke her ankle while walking the dog and ended up in the hospital where she was treated by Regina Barnes.

Lydia's PartyEdit

When word got out that Stewart was dating Crystal, Lydia threw a party to restore her reputation, knowing that people were looking down on her because of the assumption that Stewart had left her for Crystal. The man Lydia invited as her date turned out to be engaged, so she was left scrambling to find a replacement. Oliver ultimately hired a male escort for her, but didn't tell her that's what he was. Barb, however, figured out that he was an escort and threatened to reveal it to everyone. However, Regina used her previous ER trip to blackmail her into keeping quiet.



Ed McGeeEdit

Barb is married to Ed McGee.


Mitzi WellsEdit

She has a friend named Mitzi Wells who had used Kurt's services in the past.


Lydia BarnesEdit

Barb has a somewhat contentious relationship with Lydia. When Barb found out that Stewart was dating a younger woman, she spread rumors about the situation. Lydia threw a party in order to restore her reputation, but Barb figured out that Lydia's "date" was a male escort. However, she was blackmailed by Regina into staying quiet.

Career Edit

Barb is a doctor at St. Ambrose Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Her phone extension is 113.